Service Zen – The 3 Key Customer Behaviours
Can you master these difficult customer situations?
Target Audience
All Levels
3.0 hours
Live Virtual, Game Based
Every organization, no matter the industry or market, needs to keep their customers happy. However, the world of business is full of stories of poor customer experience and shoddy service. We believe that great customer service is about the rigorous adoption and display of a few, simple customer facing values.
Service Zen
Program objectives
  • Discover the three, customer facing values
  • Explore the behaviours under each value
  • Apply the behaviours in various customer interactions and scenarios
  • Create a personal action plan to work with their customers
Concepts and tools
  • The three customer facing values
  • The customer facing value behaviour
Program flow
  • Game briefing
  • Facilitated, virtual, multiplayer game
  • Exploration of 5 conflict management styles through the game
  • Learning summary and reflection
  • Personal action plan