No Discord – Collaboration @ Work
Can you solve this team conundrum before time runs out?
Target Audience
All Levels
3.0 hours
Live, Cooperative Game Based
In this high energy and high stakes virtual board game, participants work in teams to solve a challenging organisational situation. Participants must ensure that their needs are met while accommodating requirements from other teams and ensuring that customer priorities never lose focus.
No Discord
Program objectives
  • Reflect on their conflict management style
  • Identify a target style and behaviours they need to adopt
  • Identify what impedes collaboration at the workplace
Concepts and tools
  • The 5 conflict management styles
  • Strategies to move from Competing to Collaborating
Program flow
  • Game briefing
  • Facilitated, virtual, multiplayer game
  • Exploration of 5 conflict management styles through the game
  • Learning summary and reflection
  • Personal action plan