My Kanban
Can you generate higher impact within fixed time and resources?
Target Audience
All Levels
3.0 hours
Live Virtual, Game Based
Time Management is a myth. A better approach is to pay attention to improving impact, focus and energy. The Japanese Kanban methodology is a framework that relies on simple techniques like visualizing the flow of work and reducing work-in-progress to dramatically improve everyday workplace productivity. In this experiential, simulation driven workshop, participants explore the Kanban framework and apply it to everyday work.
Program objectives
  • Explore the Kanban framework
  • Understand the core principles of Kanban – visualizing the flow of work and reducing work-in-progress
  • Manage and maintain a personal Kanban board
  • Use applications and technology to manage personal and team Kanban boards
Concepts and tools
  • My kanban board
Program flow
  • Concept introduction
  • Simulation briefing
  • Facilitated, virtual, multiplayer game – Round 1
  • Deep dive into Kanban guidelines
  • Facilitated, Virtual, Multiplayer game – Round 2
  • Personal action plan