High Stakes
Can you get your most important stakeholders from the Unaware to the Leading position?
Target Audience
All Levels
3.0 hours
Live Virtual, Game Based
Most projects, processes and product implementations fail because of inadequate stakeholder engagement and support. How can executives identify and maneuver around tricky stakeholders, build support and drive projects to successful completion? This Skill Café virtual and gamified workshop is targeted at discovering and applying effective stakeholder management techniques with both internal and external stakeholders.
Program objectives
  • Map and identify critical stakeholders
  • Engage stakeholders proactively and by using the most appropriate technique
  • Move stakeholders from Unaware to Leading state
  • Appreciate the importance of trust and relationship building in stakeholder engagement
Concepts and tools
  • The Power/Interest matrix
  • The Stakeholder Engagement Continuum
  • Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement – Push and Pull
Program flow
  • Introduction to the core concepts using examples
  • Game briefing
  • Facilitated, virtual, multiplayer game
  • Exploration of the core concepts through the game
  • Move stakeholders from Unaware to Leading stateLearning summary and reflection
  • Personal action plan