Being A Trusted Leader
Do your team members trust that you have their best interests in mind?
Target Audience
All Levels
3.0 hours
Live Virtual, Game Based
Managers and leaders often undervalue the importance of trust. Trust is like oxygen for teams. Its presence boosts performance and its absence leads to animosity, deep resentment, and degrades performance. This Skill Café virtual and gamified workshop is targeted at helping participants understand and practice the 8 trust building behaviours in order to lead more engaged and productive teams.
Program Objetives
  • Understand the 8 trust building behaviours
  • Determine ways to apply them in regular workplace scenarios
  • Recognise the impact of not applying the same on levels of trust and overall morale
Concepts and tools
  • 8 trust building behaviours
  • Communication as a means of building trust
Program flow
  • Introduction to the core concepts using examples
  • Game briefing
  • Facilitated, virtual, multiplayer game
  • Exploration of the core concepts through the game
  • Learning summary and reflection
  • Personal action plan